Laravel 5.5 LTS is Now Released

Version 5.5 of Laravel is now officially released! This release is jam-packed with goodies and improvements–here’s a quick video summarizing the highlight features:

Laravel 5.5 is the Next LTS Release

Laravel 5.5 is the next long term support (LTS) version of Laravel (the last being 5.1). LTS versions receive bug fixes for two years, and security fixes for three years.

General minor releases receive bug fixes for six months and security fixes for one year.

Whoops Package

You might recall the filp/whoops package from Laravel v4 provided elegant stack traces for your most frustrating debugging moments. The whoops package returns to Laravel 5.5!


Collection Dumping

Another great debugging feature (that I’ve seen previously as a package or macro) is collection dumping methods:


    ->filter(function ($song) {
        return $song->released_on >= \Carbon\Carbon::parse('-10 years');

Exception Rendering

Exceptions now can render a response if they define a public “response” method. Typically, in earlier versions of Laravel you might add a check to the App\Exceptions\Handler::render() method, and conditionally send back a response based on the exception type.

In 5.5, you can just throw the exception, and it can respond without additional logic in your handler:


// throw new TerribleSongException($song) in a controller...

namespace App\Exceptions;

use App\Song;

class TerribleSongException extends \Exception
     * @var \App\Song
    protected $song;

    public function __construct(Song $song)
        $this->song = $song;

     * @param \Illuminate\Http\Request $request
    public function render($request)
        return response("The song '{$this->song->title}' by '{$this->song->artist}' is terrible.");    

You can also implement the Responsable interface in your exception classes, and Laravel will respond automatically.